Happy World Circus Day!

Older circus performer from Extraordinary Bodies' Delicate sprinkles silver glitter from the top of a ladder
Delicate, Extraordinary Bodies (2022)

As the UK’s leading supporters of contemporary circus, we’ve been very busy! Here are some top highlights from the past year!

Our venue has been bustling with new people every day… with 20,314 tickets sold from workshops, to events, to performances.

A circus performer splits mid air held by two hanging pieces of material
Bloody Chamber, Proteus (2022)

We’ve supported 135 circus artists with performance opportunities, and supported 70 artists with free rehearsal spaces and residencies here at Jacksons Lane.

On a chinese pole, one performer is above and drops to the bottom whilst the other jumps over him, swapping places
The Chosen Haram, Sadiq Ali (2023)

We’ve supported 12 tours of new circus work. We have connected with nine different countries and four of the festivals we have hosted have been showcasing international work.

Two circus performers stand on the shoulders of the middle performer and fall backwards into their partners
What is Left, The Overhead Project (2023)

As circus is always at the heart of what we do, we have delivered 217 free circus workshops with 117 young people attending! We hope that our JL Circus students become the next generation of circus artists in years to come.

How can you support the work that we do? As a charity organisation we welcome donations of any size to continue delivering our exciting circus opportunities. Please find out more here!

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