Contemporary Circus

Contemporary Circus is a thrilling and ever-growing artform

We’re the UK’s leading venue for the support and staging of contemporary circus

Let us take you into the world of contemporary circus. No venue in the UK produces and presents more contemporary circus work than Jacksons Lane. As well as producing work that we present in our venue we tour both UK-wide and internationally. 
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From its origins 250 years ago, contemporary circus uses both traditional and new techniques in the air and on the ground, to present skills, stories and narrative, often combining with other art forms such as music and dance.

It is essentially a theatrical medium, often performed in theatre spaces but also outside and in tents, using skills learned and acquired by dedicated performers that transcends from just ‘show’ to also ‘tell’. It can be dramatic, moving, funny and abstract, like any artform.

Contemporary circus can be for both the young and older, and is extremely accessible due to much of the work being non-verbal. It is also the most thrilling, still-emerging artform in the world.

– Adrian Berry, Jacksons Lane Artistic Director

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