Hits from the Musicals

20 Jan 2024

North London based dance school Harding Dance presents their annual production; Hits from the Musicals. This is the second performance since Harding Dance was formed. This year they will be taking you directly to the west end through the means of dance and performance. The production includes a wide range of dance styles including Modern Jazz, Tap, Street and Contemporary. Performers range from as young as 3 years old to Adults. Feel free to sing along and enjoy the show!

To ensure that every performer has the chance to have somebody in the audience watching them perform, we ask that all families book no more than 5 tickets where possible.

Show Dates
Show Times

We have been advised by the company that this performance is Deaf Friendly. At Jacksons Lane, we describe performances that have little to no dialogue, or sound/music effects that are integral to the performance, as deaf friendly for any audience members who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Please note that our theatre is also equipped with an induction hearing loop. For more information around our facilities with accessibility in mind, please see our webpage here.

For more information on accessibility at Jacksons Lane in general, please see our Accessibility page

Please be aware that this performance contains use of:

Flashing lights

For more information on this, or any other concerns about the performance, please contact our team and we do our best to help.