Creating a space for everyone

We are committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy our facilities.

As part of our capital redevelopment project, we have worked hard to ensure that our building is both more physically accessible than ever before, as well as being more accessible to visitors with non-visible disabilities.

We have also recently updated our processes and procedures so that these are equally accessible to our many audiences, visitors and building users.

Below you can download a visual journey for Jacksons Lane. This is a guide with images and text to help you prepare for your visit to Jacksons Lane.

Visual Journey
Hearing Loop

We have an induction loop system fitted in our main auditorium, at our Welcome Desk and in Studios 2 and 5.

The loop system at our Welcome Desk and studio spaces works with most standard hearing aid devices. To access this, switch your hearing aid to setting ‘T’.

To access the induction loop in the theatre you will need to pick up a small receiver pack from the Welcome Desk. This can either be used with a hearing aid device, or standard headphones using a 3.5 aux cable connection.

Passenger Lift

We have a lift in our main foyer, providing step free access to our theatre and all of our studio spaces across the venue.

Toilet facilities

We have two fully accessible cubicles in our main foyer space. We also have a fully accessible dressing room, with shower facilities for visiting artists and companies using or hiring our theatre space.

We do not have a Changing Place toilet on site, however the nearest facilities to us are at the Mossy Well in Muswell Hill or at the National Youth Theatre building on Holloway Road. Click here to go to an interactive map of Changing Place toilets.

Refuge points

We have various refuge points around the building, with an integrated communication system allowing you to seek support from our team should you need it.

Assistance dogs

Registered assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of the building. Some of our performances can include loud noises or flashing lights. If you need to discuss attending the performance with a support dog in advance, please do call us on 020 8340 5226.

Content and show warnings

We work hard with companies to identify any performance effects and triggering content that may be present in the show. This information is listed on the webpages for each performance, and also display around the venue on the day of the performance. This information may be updated as the show grows closer, and we may have more information internally. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular performance you are hoping to attend, please do get in touch.

Deaf-friendly performances

Our artistic programme features a lot of contemporary circus and physical theatre performance. Many of these shows are highly visual with little or no language used and where appropriate, we list these events as deaf-friendly.

As most of our productions are from visiting companies who are only with us for a short time we are unfortunately not always able to provide BSL interpreted performances. Where this is provided, we will add information to the main event page.

Relaxed performances

If you are not familiar with what relaxed performances are, these are showings that are specifically designed to be more accessible to anybody who may be more anxious about attending the theatre or might benefit from a more relaxed performance environment. This might include those who are neurodivergent, as well as young children or those who have not been to a theatre before. These shows provide an inclusive and relaxed space for all to enjoy live theatre and can often provide a more enjoyable experience all round. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of whether they feel they need the additional support that these shows offer or not.

For our relaxed performances at Jacksons Lane we:

  • Have visual story guides available in advance, which provide information about the cast and performance
  • Offer sensory touch tours of the set and materials before the show
  • Provide a welcome introduction from the cast at the start of the show
  • Keep the auditorium lights on throughout the show
  • Have reduced volume during the show
  • Allow audience members to come and go more freely from the theatre space and have a more relaxed attitude towards audience noise and movement during the show
  • Have quiet spaces available for those who are finding the experience overwhelming and need somewhere quiet to go for a short while.
Wheelchair users

Our main auditorium has up to six spaces for wheelchair users available. Click here to see a photo. These spaces have ample room for both manual and electric wheelchairs.

Tickets for these spaces can now be booked online, over the phone or in person. To access these tickets online, you will need to first log into your Jacksons Lane account and update your access information under Other Preferences. Once these have been selected you will be able to access wheelchair spaces for all our performances.

On our seating map you will find these indicated by a wheelchair icon. Next to these is also a space for you to bring a guest or personal assistant. If you are hoping to sit with a larger party of guests, and are unable to book this online yourself, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your booking.

If you are a wheelchair user, but prefer to transfer out of your chair into a standard seat you should book a standard space. If there are no remaining aisle seats available please contact our Box Office and we will do our best to find you an easily accessible seat.

Personal assistants

In line with the Disability Discrimination Act all customers are treated equally, therefore we also do not offer concessions on the grounds of disability. However, we do offer free tickets for personal assistants to support those who would otherwise not be able to visit the theatre for one of our shows. We would not ask you for any proof from you of eligibility, but do ask that the personal assistant is aged over 16 and accepts full responsibility for providing whatever additional support is required to assist the person in their care with access to venues and services. This includes in an emergency situation where an evacuation of the building might be required.

To book a ticket for a personal assistant online, you first need to update your access information by selecting ‘I require a Personal Assistant ticket’ in the Other Preferences section of your customer account. When booking you will then be able to choose to book a personal assistant ticket. Please note that you will only be eligible for the free ticket if you have another ticket for the same show in your basket, and have already updated your information on your customer account. The discount will then be automatically added in the final stages of confirming your booking.

Other access support

If you have any other access requirements, or information you would like to share with us so that we can better support you, you can add this information to your customer profile. To update this information visit the Other Preferences section of your customer account. Alternatively, you can call or email us and we can update this information for you.

If you need any further support, or want to discuss options with us in more detail, please do get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 8340 5226.


Our main auditorium space has 168 seats. Seating for most of our performances is allocated so that you can choose where you would like to sit. The seating is raked, with steps leading down from the back of the auditorium. There are two types of fixed seat in the auditorium, neither of which have arm rests. For dimensions of these please see below.

Rows AA-F

Depth – 43cm
Width – 41cm
Height of headrest – 49cm
Height of seat from floor – 40cm
Click here to see a photo. 

Rows G & H

Rows G & H are the two rear rows of seating in our auditorium. As these chairs are on the same level, the seats are slightly raised to ensure a good view of the stage. Seats are higher, with a foot bar and seats in row H are also on a raised platform.

Depth – 43cm
Width – 41cm
Height of headrest – 49cm
Height of seat from floor – 64cm
Height of foot bar from floor – 20cm
Height of foot bar from seat – 41cm
Height of platform (Row H only) – 21cm
Click here for a photo of Row G
Click here for a photo of Row H

Individual chairs

We also have some individual chairs which are mainly used to provide a seat for a companion of a wheelchair user. These chairs can be substituted for our standard seats, however this affects the other seating around it and would need to be requested in advance if required.

Depth – 45 cm
Width – 42 cm
Height of headrest – 52 cm
Height of seat from floor – 47 cm
Click here to see a photo.

Studio spaces

Our studios are occasionally used as performance spaces and as spaces for private events and functions. The configuration of these spaces is flexible,  and seating usually unallocated. The chairs we use in these spaces are folding chairs.

Depth – 43cm
Width – 41cm
Height of backrest – 41cm
Height of seat from floor – 44cm
Click here to see a photo.

In order to keep all our visitors safe and comfortable we took social distancing in mind while creating our new space. We have regular cleaning throughout the day in addition to hand sanitiser dispensers located throughout the building, and a COVID-19 risk assessment and action plan.

Details of these documents will be available to view both onsite or via contacting [email protected]

Did you know?

We have recently updated our booking processes for audience members with access requirements. If you need any support updating your account, please get in touch!

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We’re here to help in any way that we can. Either get in touch via phone, or send us a message using the form. A member of the team will be happy to help!

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