Environmental Pledge

Our Environmental Policies

We’re building a greener Jacksons Lane

As we return to our rejuvenated building, we have had a wonderful opportunity to design a space that is greener and more environmentally sustainable.

 Citizens Design Bureau, the architects behind the redevelopment project, aimed to create a more sustainable build with better usability and improved energy performance within the limitations of working on a Grade II listed building.

How we’re approaching efficiency:

High efficiency LEDs have been specified throughout the building, as well as absence detectors to switch off lights when spaces are unoccupied, and daylight sensors to utilise daylighting wherever possible. LED bulbs have long lifespans compared to intumescent bulbs, which significantly reduces their frequency of replacement.

Natural ventilation strategies are in place for most spaces. Openable rooflights and glazing across the foyer area allow for maximum cross ventilation and night time cooling controlled by internal temperature sensors.

Flow rates to sanitary taps will be restricted to reduce the waste and replacement of the hot and cold-water installation will reduce the need for flushing systems to mitigate legionella growth. WC dual-flush cisterns have specified can be set to low flow, 4/2.6 litres per flush.

The new Foyer roof has been designed to provide sufficient light via roof lights to limit artificial lighting during the day. Most other spaces have windows and artificial lighting can be limited during the day.

Additional Action

There are plenty of other steps we are taking to be as green as possible.

We work with Julie’s Bicycle, a charity which promotes environmental sustainability within arts organisations, who advise us in various ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently focusing on water usage, energy usage, waste management, travel and maximising the benefits of our redevelopment to improve our green credentials.

How you can help:

 We encourage everyone who uses our building: staff, hirers, audience members, artists, to think about how they travel to and from Jacksons Lane. We have excellent transport links with a bus stop right outside and Highgate Tube Station directly opposite.

We work with Haringey 40:20 who advise businesses and individuals in the borough on how making small changes can improve sustainability and environmental impact.

We have taken steps to reduce the number of brochures that we print for each season. Instead of taking a brochure or receiving one in the post, sign up to receive email updates from us below.