Studio 4

Capacity: 32 | Dimensions: 7.7m x 6.1m

Studio 4 is one of our standard studio spaces at Jacksons Lane. It has a maximum capacity of 32 people making it ideal for rehearsals, workshops, auditions, and a whole lot more.

This space has a fantastic double-height ceiling, with large feature window allowing natural light to fill the space. There is a sprung vinyl dance floor, and large floor to ceiling mirrors against one wall. The studio is fully equipped with an integrated sound system. There is also a small upright piano in this studio.

Studio 4 also has rigging apparatus fitted to the double height section, to allow for aerial rehearsal and practice. There are two fixed rigging points in the space.

This studio is on the ground floor of our building, just off of the main foyer space. It is directly opposite Studio 3, which is an exact mirror image of Studio 4.

Image of Studio 4 showing the windows into Studio 1 and the mirrored wall
Studio 4 empty
Image of Studio 4 showing the external gothic windows and the high vaulted ceiling
Photo of the high ceiling of studio 4, with rigging for aerial work

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