Our Funders

Our programmes would not be possible without the support of our Partners, Funders, Supporters and Friends. 

Creative Engagement Funders 

Chapman Charitable Trust

Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

John Lyon’s Charity
The Foyle Foundation
The George Michael Estate
The Go! London Fund
The Marsh Charitable Trust
The W.G. Edwards Charitable Foundation
Tottenham Grammar School Foundation 

Christmas Day Funders 

Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund delivered by The National Lottery Community Fund
Hornsey Parochial Charities
Lady Gould’s Charity
The Cyril & Eve Jumbo Charitable Trust

Jacksons Lane Supporters 

John Bird
Hannah Murphy
Julie Quinn
Gillian Smith

Catherine Utley 

Jacksons Lane Friends 

Dirk Benade
Sarah Ferguson
Mary Kuhn
Margaret Vartanian 

Jacksons Lane Garden 

The Jacksons Lane Garden was replanted and replenished in August 2023, funded by the generous donations of local residents and supported by our garden volunteers, in memory of Jonathan Boswell.   

Capital project supporters

Thank you to our supporters

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supported the redevelopment of our building across 2021 and 2022

Lynette & Gus Alston
Kate Anderson
Mikael Aro
Jane Atkinson
Jon Ayres
Rose Bardner
Susi Bascon
Brian Blanford
Catherine Budgett-Meakin
Simon and Saoko Blendis
Miranda Carter
Katrina Charles
Gay Cheyne
Deborah and Lawrence Cohen
Cuddigan family
Birgit Curtis
Monique Deletant
Adam Driscoll and Sandra Kviat
Vivienne Duckett
Laura Fransella
Lyn Fry

Liam Gallacher
Doron Garfunkel
Amy Garrod
Tim & Joanna Gent
Liz Gill
Mr Laurie Goldsmith
Gregor Grant
Shane & Eiza Griffin
Tuan Ho and Ted Garway-Heath
Gretel Hinrichsen
Matthew Holder
Helen Hosein
Susanne Jones
Nigel Kellaway
Kinton Family
Jacksons of Finchley
Louise Lewis
Kevin Liffey
Jeremy Lonsdale
Colin Luke
Alastair Macgeorge

Sally and David Mackey
The Maxmin Family
Liz Meek
Victoria Midwinter
Andry Moustras
Andras Nemeth “Methan”
Jan Newman
Katherine Nicholas
Viveka Nyberg-Horrox
Wim Oppenheimer
Khali Parsons
Wiebke Pekrul
David and Elspeth Porter
Lucy Sandilands
Benjamin Segal
Eliana Segal
Joshua Segal
Theo Segal
Penny Sewell
Lawrence Simanowitz
Isobel Smith

Liane Smith
Tim Smith
Stumpff/Latenser Family
Victoria Taylor
Diana Toeman
Catherine Utley
Jacquie Richardson
Rachel Roche
Stephen and Roberta Rosefield
Jackie and John Rothenberg
Steve and Gilda Ruggi
Steve Ruggi and Gilda Williams Ruggi
Kadambari Verma
Wayne Walters
Peter Walton
Sophia Whitbread, Robert Hay and family
Graeme Wilatt
Glynis and Hugh Williams
Martin Wink
Rosalyn Wolf
Matt Wortley
Joachim Wrang-Widén
Gill Wyatt
and anonymous donors

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