Lost Cabaret: A Cacophony of Clowns

19 Jul 2024

Lost Cabaret International Clown Collective

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Part of the London Clown Festival, featuring six shows that are influenced by mime, circus and physical comedy.

A ridiculous clown variety show featuring the visually absurd, the whimsically witty and the wildly beautiful.

Foolishness wrapped in a warm hug, Lost Cabaret is an alt-comedy garden of enchantment that began in London circa 2012 and was instrumental for the growth of many clown artists that you all love today. Lost has bloomed in venues all across the world, selling out festivals from Edinburgh to Adelaide and loads of cities in between.

Come get lost with our international collective of weirdos and wonderfools in a Cabaret like no other.

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★★★★ Entertainment Now

“Lost Cabaret is a magical world to be utterly treasured”

★★★★ Edinburgh Reviews

“Surreal shenanigans”

  • Hosted by: Lost Cabaret Bristol
  • Presented by: Lost Cabaret International Clown Collective
Please be aware that this performance is likely to contain

Strong language
Sexual themes

If you have any particular concerns ,or other questions about the performance, please contact our team and we do our best to help.

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Fri 19 Jul 2024
7:30 PM