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Feeling Good

Every year on Christmas Day, Jacksons Lane throws open its doors to about a hundred neighbours – older and disabled people who would otherwise be on their own. The coronavirus pandemic and movement restrictions have disproportionately affected people like our Christmas Day guests.


Jacksons Lane has launched Feeling Good to re-engage our Christmas Day guests who we know are on their own right now, and help provide them with what they need – whether that's a chat, a number for local essential services, or help using available technology to stay connected.

The Lockdown Impact

In March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic changed life as we know it. The current circumstances are isolating for everyone – but especially for our Christmas Day guests, many of whom already live alone, and already don't have many people to talk to.

Many people are finding information online to help access basic needs, like food and other supplies – but a lot of our guests aren’t online. Many people are finding solace contacting family and friends – but that’s not an option for many of our Christmas Day guests, who are on their own.

How We're Helping

As part of Feeling Good, we're getting in touch with everyone who came to our last Christmas Day who we know to be on their own right now. We’re asking them:

  • Are all their basic needs met?
  • When was the last time they spoke to someone?
  • What could they be given that would make their lives better?

We're then matching up our guests with, first, essential local services that they didn’t know about, and second, with volunteers from Christmas Day who they can speak to.

Your Support is Vital

This is a start. But there’s much more work to be done to give our guests, some of the most vulnerable in our community, the support and comfort they need.

For this, Jacksons Lane needs your support. The more you can help us, the better we can support our guests, by paying for dedicated coordinators, helping the guests access and use technology, and continuing to connect them with much-needed services.

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