Personal Development Group

02 May 2024 - 28 Nov 2024

Thursday classes

This is for you if you want to:

  • discover more about how others perceive and respond to you,
  • explore and improve your understanding of interpersonal dynamics,
  • grow your confidence and skill at expressing yourself well with others.

The group is led by Dr Sonja Falck, a psychotherapist, coach, author, and university lecturer, who loves groups and has many years of experience running successful groups in professional, educational, and organisational contexts.

What can you expect? Sonja creates safe and stimulating interaction opportunities for every person in the group (maximum 9 people, mixed gender). You can expect to engage in absorbing conversations, gain valuable new insights into your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others, become a better talker and listener, and increase your social boldness.

No sessions between 28 July and 5 September.

Sessions are priced on a sliding scale, please enquire for further information.

For more information contact Sonja on [email protected] or 07854 366871