Kyushindo Karate Highgate

02 Apr 2024 - 25 Jul 2024

Tuesday & Thursday classes

Learn traditional martial arts techniques, improve fitness, build confidence and acquire essential self-protection and self-defence skills with Kyushindo karate.

Kyushindo karate is a dynamic martial art based on efficiency of movement, footwork, timing and precision.

Students will study the fundamental pillars of karate: core techniques (kihon), practical application of techniques (bunkai), set sequences (kata), sparring (kumite) and partner drills.

Classes are suitable for adults of all levels, including beginners.

Kyushindo karate is taught by a team of qualified instructors in a welcoming and safe environment. We are dedicated to helping students learn through personalised instruction and interaction.

£9 per lesson (or £64 monthly block booking of eight classes)

Concessions £7 per lesson (or £48 monthly block booking of eight classes)

First lesson free

For more information contact Chris on [email protected] or 07941 670488