Jazz Improvisation For All: Unleash Your Inner Musician with Rory Ingham & North London Jazz

29 Jan 2024 - 25 Mar 2024

Monday classes

Discover the joy of jazz improvisation at Jacksons Lane with our brand new class, led by the award-winning jazz trombonist Rory Ingham, and assisted by his father and renowned jazz educator/ saxophonist, Richard Ingham! Open to all abilities and ages, this class is designed to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for anyone looking to explore their musical potential.

Our expert teacher Rory will guide you through a diverse range of engaging topics that will help you develop your skills and grow your confidence in improvisation. From mastering basic techniques to exploring complex harmonies, you’ll find yourself expressing your creativity in ways you never imagined.

In addition to technical instruction, our class emphasises the importance of personal expression and individuality in jazz. You’ll learn how to unleash your unique musical voice, unlocking the power of spontaneous music making and self expression. By the end of the course, you’ll be improvising with confidence, and you’ll have a deeper understanding of the rich world of jazz music.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Rory Ingham in an inclusive, supportive environment at Jacksons Lane. Whether you’re a seasoned jazz musician or a complete beginner, join our community to experience the magic of improvisation and ignite your passion for jazz!

£25 taster session

£250 for the term

For more information contact Rory Ingham on 07977 260217 or [email protected]

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