What is left

31 Mar 2023

Overhead Project

A man stands at the end of the stage. Around his waist hangs another performer, upside down
Four performers form a pillar - two making the base, and two sitting on their shoulders, arms wrapped around each other
Two performers act carry people on their shoulders. They lean to the right, looking ready to topple down

Think about a classroom. How is everyone sat? Everyone is sat at their desks, facing the same way. What is left deals with spatial structures that shape human communication culture. We see it in theatres, while waiting to be served at counters, the hierarchy in a courtroom, in school and church, as well as from advertising screens in underground stations. All these spaces not only demand, but also structure the gaze attention of bodies in space.

International award-winning dance and circus company Overhead Project bring their new show What is Left to the UK. Mixing contemporary dance with group acrobatics, the show explores our relationship with different spaces and how they influence our communication.

Reminiscent of a catwalk or military parade, five performers occupy the space and are simultaneously consumed by it. A rhythmic, energetic, sometimes intimate, and exhilarating performance.

Contains: nudity


Show Dates
Show Times
  • Artistic direction: Tim Behren
  • Creation: Simon Bauer
  • Cast: Mijin Kim
  • Cast: Leon Börgens
  • Cast: Maria Madeira
  • Cast: Maiol Pruna Soler
  • Cast: Francesco Germini
  • Lighting, Visual dramaturgy: Charlotte Ducousso
  • Costume design: Margot Charbonnier
  • Philosophical & dramaturgical accompaniment: Eric Eggert
  • Philosophical & dramaturgical accompaniment: Mirjam Hildbrand

Supported by: The Nationales Performance Netz, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, MKW NRW and Kulturamt Köln