UTOPIAN (t&c’s apply)

23 Oct 2022

Symoné presented by Scissor Kick

Can the perfect utopia exist?

UTOPIAN (t&c’s apply) is a surrealistic circus pop-culture experience. Joined by their accomplice, Symoné takes you on an expedition asking you, “why do people abuse power roles?” Filled with high heel rollerskating, hula hooping, strip-teasing, and queer party madness.

Join the world of psychedelic pilgrimage. You’ll be safe with us.

WARNING: This show may or may not contain autobiographical references about cults.

“Symoné subverts the traditional male gaze and invites the audience into her personal space. Symoné’s work, a strength of resolution, a rebellion against expectations of what the body and soul can do.” Broadway Baby

“If you love a buzzing club atmosphere, amazing visuals and exceptional circus skills – this is for you. Symoné is totally bewitching and manages to be both in your face, loud, exciting, but also striking and emotive. It’ll likely leave you provoked, but utterly entertained.” Ema Boswood, Cambridge Junction

Suitable for ages 18+

Content warning: strobe lighting effects, sexual content such such as suggestive body movements, references to drugs, brief inclusion of pornographic video content showing oral and penetrative sex, and swearing

Allergy information: Balloons (latex, rubber, nylon)

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