20 Feb 2024

Nikki Rummer

A woman lit in red and blue hues picks up a chair as if to throw it in anger.
An acrobat performs a handstand during a performance.
A woman looks at the audience, she has a sense of urgency about her.
An acrobat leaps through the air with intense power.

One winter day, Nikki receives a phone call from her sister. The family is in crisis, she needs to come home. It is a call that sets in a motion a revelation that will uproot her family tree, exposing its knots and secrets. Ominous and darkly funny, Unbroken is a one-woman romp through grief, the centre of hell and a Dr Seuss poem about 23 boys called Dave.

Combining her talent for storytelling and her unique movement language inspired by acrobatics and capoeira, Unbroken weaves fragments of memories into the body of one performer as she uncovers the skeletons that women often bear.  This is a bold tale of heritage, betrayal and the freedom to stand alone.

As part of Nikki & JD Fest. Buy a ticket to Unbroken, (le)Pain and Knot and save up to £18 off your order.

Supporters: The Lowry, Salford; Watermans Arts Centre, London; Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry; The Place, London; London International Mime Festival, London; Arts Council England. 

Suitable for ages 16+
This show contains references to sexual abuse and domestic violence. For more information or to discuss any particular concerns or questions you have about the performance, please contact our team and we do our best to help. 

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