Tongue & Cheek

15 Mar 2024

Ruby Burgess & Charles Brockbank

A performer wearing all white has their mouth held open by a dental device, so you can see their gums and teeth.
A performer wearing a balaclava stand on a bin, they are holding juggling clubs in one hand and reaching for a security camera on the other.
A performer in a balaclava looks up at the camera, they are holding juggling clubs.

A night of fresh alternative comedy and circus theatre.  

Bristol-based emerging artists bring two new experimental shows with a surreal twist on spectacle with comedy at its core: 

Using trapeze and a comical amount of existentialism, Transcendental is a fever dream journey through the absurdity of being alive. A satirical deep dive into grotesque aspects of the human experience. 

Hiding in Plain Sight 
Using physical comedy and object manipulation to explore surveillance culture, Hiding in Plain Sight tackles juggling our virtual identities and our authentic selves.  

Suitable for ages 12+ 

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