Return, Still Hungry Sharing

26 Aug 2022

still hungry

RETURN is the new work of still hungry, which deals with the question:

“What happens when the world- as we know it- no longer exists and we have to start all over again.”

A contemporary circus piece about the extreme journey of three female characters that are confronted with the challenge of starting at point zero.

RETURN deals with self-image and the demands placed on women in the circus and in our society and highlights the importance of female friendships.

This is a public sharing of still hungry’s new work

still hungry is a contemporary circus collective from Berlin. Romy, Anke and Lena reunited after long years of friendship to create pieces far from classical circus. Their work is fresh, feministic and powerful. Strong images and a good sense of humour makes their work truthfully touching and highly amusing.

For their creations still hungry cooperates with Bryony Kimmings, a director and performance artist who is famous for her emotional intelligent, provocative and refreshing style.

RETURN is their follow up to RAVEN, which had it’s London premiere at Jacksons Lane’s as part of the London International Mime Festival in 2020

Suitable for ages 12+ 

Contains sexual references, use of haze and scenes of gore

The sharing will be followed by a short Q&A

Image from still hungry’s production RAVEN. Photo: Daniel Porsdorf

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