Only Bones v1.9

14 Oct 2023

Kallo Collective & Matt Pasquet

A naked back, every muscle is visible as the muscles strain. Arms are over the head, curled over like crab's claw's
Half a face is visible. The eye looks off to one side at a hand, curled over like a claw
Two fingertips touch in the darkness. There is a spark of light between them
Two feet cover one another, like a small child's
A naked back is taught. Arms are raised like claws. Every muscle is visible
A naked back is lit with green and gold light
A hand reaches out of the darkness towards a light
A hand reaches through the darkness to touch a spark of light

A journey of evolution, from birth to consciousness.

Constrained to one square metre of space, Matt Pasquet struggles through a maze of shape shifting surroundings to the edge and beyond. With an immersive Foley soundscape, a dash of acrobatics, a sprinkle of clown and a fist full of Kung Fu.

“Dust flies when the physics that creates and stops motion in a nanosecond reaches out to other dimensions” Helsinki Sanomat

Matt is a martial artist and circus performer from the UK. He has worked in such circus companies as Les 7 Doigts de la Mains, Fauna and Right Way Down.

Supported by The Finnish Institute in London, Jacksons Lane welcomes the ninth version of Kallo Collective and Thomas Monkton’s original work Only Bones, created and performed by Matt Pasquet, who was last seen at Jacksons Lane in the amazing Fauna as part of the London International Mime Festival

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