Mother Tree

10 Oct 2023

RoguePlay Theatre

The performer is hidden in a cocoon of fabric. Only one leg is visible as it sticks out
The performer makes to slam down the lid of her laptop. She is surrounded by piles of laundry. Her mouth forms a perfect o of exclamation
The performer clutches a jumble of aerial silk to her chest

Pumping her sap through the root system to heal and protect her seedlings. A mysterious powerful entity that nurtures her kin and sustains her forest. If she breaks, they all break.

The stage is a mess, just like the family home. There is an ever reaching pile of laundry that spans floor to ceiling and toys for all imaginable circumstances. Woven across the floor, reaching its tendrils into each inhabitable human space, is a tree root system. A symbol of our symbiosis with the forest, nature entering and thriving underneath every footprint. Out of the roots rises the aerial silk, taking the theatre from horizontal to vertical space.

Mother Tree is a solo show about motherhood, nature and maternal mental health. A highly physical piece combining theatre, aerial silk and spoken word exploring our deep connections with the forest and its hub trees, Mother Trees.

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