Little Red Riding Hood

09 Oct 2022

Lyngo Theatre

A woman wearing a red cloak points behind her towards a doorway. An man peeks around the edge of the door frame
A close up photo of two actors. On the left is a man wearing glasses and a wolf nose. He bares his teeth towards the woman next to him. She is wearing a red clock and is screaming
Two actors stand on a leaf strewn stage. The woman leans down to hold up a puppet of a girl wearing a red cloak and holding a basket. The man walks beside her. He is wearing a black fedora and green jacket
A man wearing a green jacket and flatcap offers a bouquet of red flowers to a woman wearing a red cloak
A photo of a man wearing a wolf's nose and glasses. He lifts up hi arms in a shrugging gesture
A woman wearing a red cloak extends her arms while spinning around on a leaf strewn stage
An actor walks a puppet of a girl wearing a red cloak across the stage
A photo of two actors on stage. A woman moves a puppet of a girl wearing a red cloak and carrying a basket. A man leans foward, balancing one hand on a wooden chair. He is wearing a green jacket and grey flatcap
A man wearing a black fedora is caught in a flurry of white feathers
A man and woman kneel down on a stage surrounded by five puppet sheep

A wardrobe can take you to magical spaces, to all sorts of stories and wonderful places. Lyngo’s is a portal to the wild wood where something is roaming the forest, animals are mysteriously going missing and a little girl has just received a beautiful red cloak from her granny. Open the doors and it all comes alive through puppetry, songs and music from hidden hatches and secret compartments.

All the better to thrill you with!

“50 minutes of pure childhood joy!” number9reviews

Suitable for ages 3-8

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