08 Mar 2023

Hazel Lam

Performer is upside down, her legs in the air, bent. Her face is hidden behind a mound of plastic tubing
Performer sits high above the stage, in a swing made of plastic tubing
A performer swings around the stage, her back to the camera, her feet tucked up under her, using plastic tubing as a rope. Her long red hair is tied back in a plait
The performer swings above the stage using plastic tubing as a rope. Her legs are outstretched in a split. her arms also flung out. The plastic tubing is knotted around her body

Poised between dance, circus and performance art, Lighthouse is a multi-disciplinary piece by solo artist Hazel Lam. Hazel uses the idea of gentleness as a tool in the face of great adversity and change. She explores feminine movement, giving it centre stage, and reacts to modernity’s harsh realities and urban construction.

Coils of PVC tubing are treated it as a companion. The duet of an organic body versus the inanimate tubes is playful yet antagonising. The tension between the two escalates throughout as she asks, is it there to hold her, entice her, keep her safe or restrain her?

Plastic has become one of the major environmental concerns in recent years. This piece is a reflection of how our generation is born into a plastic overflowing world and our role within it. The title is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse.

★★★★ “It is impressive how much she manages to convey using so little” Upper Circle

Photos: Sunčan Stone, Geert Roels


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