Light Work

12 Oct 2023

Many Hands

A performer climbs up the bodies of his fellow cast members as if he were walking up a flight of stairs
A pile up of performers - all laying on top of one another
Two performers wearing jumpsuits hug as their fellow cast members hold them up in the air
One performer does a handstand, balancing in the hands of another performer, who in turn is on the shoulders of a third performer
A performer is upside down, in the air, after being thrown by their fellow cast members
A performer lies back, head against her arms, as if sleeping in bed, while being flung up into the air

Anything is possible when we come together with a common goal. Jaw-dropping acrobatics and thrilling physical feats showcase the incredible power of teamwork in Light Work.

Combining contemporary circus and physical theatre to show the importance and power of the collective, the collaboration of individuals finds a way to rise out of difficulty. Light Work captures and conveys the importance of interdependence in our social structure.

Accompanied by an original musical score performed live on stage, physical challenges provoke collective solutions by the building of human towers, throwing and catching one another with precision, acrobatic flare and a very human vulnerability.

Photos: Harley Strong and Adam Tatton-Reid

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