Kyushindo Karate Highgate

04 Apr 2023 - 29 Jun 2023

Tuesday and Thursday classes

Kyushindo karate is a dynamic martial art influenced by traditional Japanese styles and some forms of Chinese-style martial arts such as bagua. Techniques are based on economy of movement, footwork, timing and precision. As well as direct techniques it includes circular and flowing movements.

Kyushindo karate is taught by a team of fully qualified instructors in a welcoming and safe environment. The team is dedicated to helping students develop confidence and fitness through the study of traditional martial arts, self-protection and self-defence skills. Classes are suitable for adults. Beginners are welcome to join for a free introductory lesson.

Lessons begin with warming-up, stretches, fitness and strength conditioning exercises. Techniques relevant to the grades of students in attendance are taught and practiced. These are typically followed by partner drills, striking of pads and kick shields, limited contact (until further notice) sparring, katas, break-falls, rolls and self-protection and self-defence strategies and techniques.

Free introductory lesson

£7 per class (or £50 monthly block booking), concessions £5 per class (or £35 monthly block booking) payable at the start of the class

For more information and to book contact Chris on 07941 670 488 or [email protected]

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