Kickmouse Mysterium

03 Mar 2024

Jon Hicks & Matt Rudkin

A performer stands in front of a stage curtain, he is performing a comedy show.

A magical comedy fable, of few words, about perseverance and achievement.

Jon, the chaotic student of Frank the Dog, breaks a precious artefact and has to redeem himself through a series of bizarre, yet playful, challenges and games. if successful Jon will acquire the status of ‘master’, repair the artifact and redeem himself.

Along the way Jon is hampered in his quest; with set-backs, twists, turns, and the interference of the sinister Cyprian Londt.

Funny, fast paced, stylish, ‘clowning’, set in a ‘home-made’, magical, world full of contraptions, illusions and mystifying objects. From variety, Outdoor Arts and Slightly Fat Features legend Jon Hicks, with long term collaborator Matt Rudkin (Incovenient Spoof). Directed by Petra Massey (SpyMonkey)

“Put down the X-Box and come and engage with this giddy, funny slice of magic” – Michael Sells, Producer at Dartington Trust 

“A show that spans age groups and entertains all. Comedy at its best” – Carole Hornsby, Head Teacher Brooklands primary school 

Running time: 50 minutes (no interval) 

Suitable for ages 3-11 

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