Journey into the Inner Child: Immersive playground for grownups

19 Apr 2023

Wednesday classes

The Journey into the Inner Child workshop is a kind of time capsule that transports you into a worry-free zone. Yes, just like childhood!

So many of us crave quality play time and play is our innate drive and critical for our joy of living. Much of the discourse nowadays is about trauma and our wounded inner child, while there are few spaces where we are reminded of who we truly are before life happened to us.

Combining my extensive background in acting and applied drama with the teachings I gathered along the journey with my inner child, my approach to inner child work focuses on re-discovering and celebrating our intrinsic superpowers!

Using drama-based play and mindful art, this immersive playground offers a playful, heart-centred, reflective, and highly connecting safe space inviting you to re-discover, explore, and freely and fully express your child self. And in this child-like world, your adult self safely connects and learns to align with your core emotional being. I know this all sounds too serious, but this is the magic of play!

This workshop is an experiential and transformative timeless space that boosts your authenticity and ignites your inborn joy of being.

Let’s Play!

£20 per person

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For more information contact Sara Paz on 07909 309314 or [email protected]

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