07 Oct 2022

Temper Theatre

A woman covers her mouth with her hands as she cries
A desperate looking woman rushes into the arms another
A grounp of three women gather around a central woman who looks shocked
Woman clutches a baby to her
Person bathed in red light looks over their shoulder, out of a window
Shadowpuppet scene featuring a figure riding a galloping horse
Shadowpuppet scene with two figures climbing a hill towards a building
Photo of shadowpuppets of a person riding a horse
Woman reaches out in front of her to a piece of sheer fabric
Women looks over her shoulder as her white hair streams around her
Man huddles over, clutching his coat as woman looks on in the background, holding a baby

After falling asleep on the last train, the long journey home will be something he never forgets…

Temper Theatre return to Jacksons Lane with their signature mix of fluid muscular movement, soul-shaking soundscapes and fragmented imagery.

“It wasn’t until my family home was about to disappear from my life forever that I recognised the fundamental impact my home had on me. This shift away from the place that I grew up with my sisters shook me. To me the Fens were a boring dead-end swamp. A trap to escape from at the first possible opportunity. But as I travelled home to help my parents move house, I was struck by an unbelievable series of emotions which led me to create HOLM. A train journey from London to East Anglia provoked a cacophony of splintered memories.

“As I travelled the boring flat Fenland became the extraordinary waterland it once was, my community morphed into an ancient tribe of storytellers, the rivers filled with eels and the epic East Anglian skies illuminated a wealth of history long forgotten. The journey took me through time and space and ultimately dropped me off filled to the brim with a newfound love for my homeland.

HOLM is inspired by what we relinquish when we move away from where we begin our lives and the gut wrenching emotions which can resurface when we find our way back. As the sea levels rise and the Fens return to the water, my family story will be washed away. A holm is an island submerged in times of flood…” Finn Morrell, Artistic Director of Temper Theatre

★★★★ “Vehement but cogently delivered” The Herald 

Suitable for ages 12+

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