Festival of Plays – My Ends

18 Mar 2023

Black Arts production (BAP)

Black Arts production (BAP) Theatre Ltd was founded in 1992. At that time it was felt that there was a lack of opportunity for Black and Ethnic Minorities performing on TV and in Theatre. This, they feel, is still the case. BAP’s aims, therefore, are to educate those minorities who are interested in the arts; to train young people and adults in all aspects of theatre performance; and also to use drama as a catalyst to bring about awareness of social issues that affect minority communities.

BAP offers extensive and stimulating drama training for those students interested in a career in acting. This course is structured to give students insight into the world of acting. Their students will be trained to a high level to develop a range of skills which will enable them to bring thought, energy and commitment to their acting, giving them the tools to succeed in a competitive industry. Students will not only work with BAP tutors but also with directors, professional actors, set designers, stage managers and writers working in the profession.

The Festival of Plays is seven plays in one night. BAP’s young actors, aged 11 to 16, have written and directed their own plays ready to take you, the audience, on an entertaining journey, while their stories unfold right in front of you.

The Festival of Plays will award the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Play and Best Young Director a BAP trophy. It’s BAP’s version of the Oscars.

Guest judge is Duayne Boachie and Friends.  Duayne has an extensive body of work., including Hollyoaks, Blue Story and You Don’t Know Me.

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