Ernie’s Journey

19 Mar 2023

Clementines Live Arts

Ernie’s Journey is a magical circus theatre adventure for family audiences. The seamless integration of circus, physical theatre, stage magic, poetry and puppetry is a truly dazzling spectacle.

An original live harp score takes the tale from the dreamy realms of distant shores to the most raucous sea shanties!

Ernie is a young boy from Haringey who finds an old pirate ship on the banks of the Thames.

It felt like nobody really believed in Ernie and sometimes he wondered whether he even believed in himself. He discovers that being himself and following his own dreams can lead to all kinds of wild adventures, but it is the people we love who make it all worth it.

This show has been designed to connect audiences with the waterways around where they live and how they feed into national and international ocean systems.

Their partnership with Somerset Wildlife trust has informed the content of the show and workshops.

Suitable for ages 4-11

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