Epic Minds

16 Sep 2023

Nikki Kenward

A blonde woman holds a plastic baggy over the mouth of a woman with green hair. In her other hand is an illustration of a lobster
A performer stands on stage, wearing a crinoline which is up over her head
A performer dressed as a lobster holds up another performer, who is holding onto the lobster with her legs curled back around the lobster's waist
A performer hands upside down on a rope

Epic Minds is an engaging, often hilarious, and sometimes disturbing romp through the world of psychosis, mental health diagnosis and recovery.

Created by director Nikki Kenward and performers Heather Parkin, Natalie Ward and Bee Kirkwood, Epic Minds is loosely based on Heather’s recovery from a car crash and traumatic brain injury. The surreal world illustrates strange and multi-sensory experiences that might arise from the overwhelmed brain of someone in psychosis.

In a unique collaboration, Epic Minds has brought in performance artists and poets from Outside in, an organisation which mentors outsider artists.

Expect to be immersed in a strange, ever-changing world that embraces aerial rope, a juggling psychiatrist, text, song, dance, physical theatre and will bring you laughter and maybe tears.

Arrive early to step on stage and explore aerial ropes as part of a touch tour from 7pm

The performances will be followed by a Q&A with the cast members

Photo: Hannah Ede

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