Cirque Taboo

21 Oct 2023

An woman does the splits on an aerial ring
An acrobat does a cartwheel in the air
A performer kneels on the stage, wearing garters and a corset
A woman wearing a spangly dress looks excited and happy
A man dressed in a fur coat looks confidently at the camera
A woman swinging on a trapeze reaches out to the viewer
A lady dressed in nothing but a red ribbon poses

Welcome to Cirque Taboo, the sexiest circus in town.

Out of the woodwork and all the way from Bristol, the city of circus, creeps the naughtiest bunch of beautiful freaks. They guarantee to delight your night with a cabaret jam packed with cheeky circus acts, delicious drag, bizarre burlesque and even a little bit of shocking sideshow.

Ladles and Jellyfish, hold on to your seats and fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a wild ride!

Suitable for ages 18+

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