Brainfools Circus Scratch Night #1

19 Jan 2024


Jazz Edition

A performer crouches down and holds a rope, they look up to the ceiling.
A straps artist performs as side planche.
A performer performs a split on an aerial hoop.

Brainfools is back at Jacksons Lane with a series of three scratch nights, where circus artists showcase works-in-progress to curious and adventurous audiences.  

These nights provide a rare opportunity for performers to test new material, receive live feedback, and refine their pieces based on audience reactions. It’s a dynamic exchange between artists and spectators, fostering a collaborative and interactive atmosphere. Each themed night will feature six performers, unveiling a diverse range of talent and ideas.  

The Jazz edition (Jan 19) is a semi-improvised fusion of circus & jazz, featuring a jazz trio who will accompany circus artists.

Line up:
Andrew Quinn (Compere)
Catherine Anastopoulou (Straps)
Maisie Harrison (Rope)
Xélia Froidevaux (Hoop)
Zaki (Shiny Pole)

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