Brainfools Circus Scratch Night #2

16 Mar 2024


Queer Edition

Brainfools is back at Jacksons Lane with a series of three scratch nights, where circus artists showcase works-in-progress to curious and adventurous audiences.  

These nights provide a rare opportunity for performers to test new material, receive live feedback, and refine their pieces based on audience reactions. It’s a dynamic exchange between artists and spectators, fostering a collaborative and interactive atmosphere. Each themed night will feature six performers, unveiling a diverse range of talent and ideas.  

The lineup for The Queer Edition (Mar 16) includes:

Simon Ambrose (he/they): Simon is a cabaret performer whose unique mix of silent clowning, comedy and singing has been entertaining audiences at some of the UK’s top cabarets. Trained in Clown and Vaudeville at L’Ecole Gaulier their work is always playful with a passion for connecting audiences and sharing their joy for the absurd.

Lucy Giroy (she/her): This tiny powerhouse is a dynamic performer who loves to bring story, musicality and theatricality to her work. Lucy combines all her training across circus, acting, dance and musical theatre in this fun and flirty act – celebrating the joy and freedom of being queer. Lucy has been openly queer for some time now (shout out to her girlfriend Sophie of 2 and a half years) and, although this has undoubtedly influenced her artistry, this part of her has not overtly featured in her work up until now.

D’ Filth (she/they): D’Filth is a queer, biracial alternative multi-faceted cabaret performer. She is an alternative burlesque performer, drag king, and drag clown mime. Her form of performance uses physical comedy as its main point while providing social commentary on social norms.

Edd Fletcher (he/him): Edd is a multidisciplinary performer and aerialist based in London. Recently his focus has shifted from more traditional circus to contemporary aerial dance and movement based theatre – all the while trying to explore deeper audience connections with more cathartic themes and more experimental and visceral movement patterns.

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