Barely Visible

02 Mar 2023

Rowena Gander

A performer clutches a piece of red fabric to their chest. Their face is obscured by a red wig
A woman reaches forward to take a lipstick from an unseen person. There is dirt on her cheek. She pouts her lips
A performer stands against the disk base of a Chinese pole, upended - the pole pocking between their legs
A performer holds themselves horizontally off a Chinese pole
A performer hangs upside down on a Chinese pole, their arms and legs extended out like a starfish

With incredible strength, a pole and a lot of humour, this powerful solo performance explores identity, objectification and what it is to be a gay, ‘barely visible’ woman in a raw and physical journey of empowerment.

With elements of physical theatre, pole and contemporary dance, Rowena Gander, and acclaimed physical theatre director, Elinor Randle, bring playfulness, authenticity, and boldness to this mesmerising work.

“Gander is an incredible physical theatre performer” Number 9

Photos: Mark Lycett, Andrew Ness, Noel Jones

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