All Strangers In The End LIVE

09 Mar 2024

Presented by Cooke Nelson

Cooke Nelson are an up and coming band from north London. Over the last couple of years, they have been working tirelessly to create a collection of work. All Strangers In The End is their debut EP, created by the band using school facilities with minimal sound equipment and technology.

The band have put so much of themselves into this project and would love their music to be enjoyed by the world. This event is their way of saying thank you and sharing their work with world.

Seated and standing tickets are available for this performance. Please note that standing capacity is limited and only ticket holders with standing tickets will be able to be in this area.

Show Dates
Show Times
Please be aware this performance contains use of:

Flashing lights and strobe
Haze effects
Loud music

For further information, or to discuss any other aspects of the performance please get in touch with us directly.