Ali in Wonder(Eng)land

11 Jul 2023

LegalAliens Theatre

Two performers rehearsing in a studio. One crouches on the ground, looking afraid. They others turn on her
Rehearsal photo of three performers standing close to each other behind a green suitcase. They each wear different hats: red bowler, black bowler and police hat.
Eight performers move around a small rehearsal room. They seem to be caught in the act of sneaking about
Four figures are positioned in front of a yellow and orange background. Two bend towards each other, laying their hands on each other's backs. Behind them the other two look to one side. They wear massive top hats
A huge grass armchair fills the frame. On one side sits a woman. She reaches out to a man who is perched on the arm of the chair
Two figures point at each other. One a man wearing a stripy jumper and jeans, the other much taller, draped in dark blue cloth

“Ali was home. Things were not as good as when they were children…  Ali wanted to leave, but wasn’t sure where to go…  Suddenly a white rabbit in a Union Jack appeared…”

Ali arrives at the border of a strange land but entering isn’t as simple as it looks. Random questioning, people shouting ‘illegal alien!,’ and to make things worse Ali’s body keeps changing size. Will Ali ever be able to regain control?

Fun, ironic, and poetic, Ali in Wonder(Eng)land is devised by participants in LegalAliens’ free weekly classes for migrants and refugees. The show uses the familiar Lewis Carroll frame but with an absurdist, contemporary twist, mixing characters inspired by Alice in Wonderland with original material and extracts from the notorious Life in the UK test.

Performers take turns in playing Ali through a series of encounters with grotesque civil servants, mellifluous do-gooders, bigots with magic sunglasses that make foreigners disappear, two Home Secretaries and even… a Quing! The narration is from time to time interrupted by monologues sharing personal experiences of migration, some funny, some melancholic, some brutal.

LegalAliens Theatre is a Haringey-based, woman-led international ensemble dedicated to platforming migrants and refugees as artists, creatives and audiences.

LegalAliens Theatre is a Theatre of Sanctuary.

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Performed and devised by participants in LegalAliens’ sessions for migrants and refugees

  • Devised by: LegalAliens Community Ensemble
  • Director: Lara Parmiani
  • Associate Director: Hester Welch
  • Associate Director: Sara Corso
  • Dramaturgy: Lara Parmiani
  • Costume Design: Cieranne Kennedy-Bell
  • Projection Design: Edalia Day
  • Light Design: Sharon Masterson

Funded by the Lottery Community Fund with thanks to the Engine Room, Tottenham Hale

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If you have any particular concerns or questions you have about the performance, please contact our team and we do our best to help.