Wow Hoop

Vau Vanne Baby Circus

15 Feb 17 Feb
Developed by director Mette Ylikorva and appearing as part of our Sirkus Finnish showcase, Baby Circus is an awakening of curiosity and joy.

Beginning gradually and softly, performers get acquainted with each infant as the audience arrives before moving to the performance space. As circus characters and acts are introduced, infants will be captivated and parents entertained.

Following the performance is a workshop session during which participants learn scarf tricks and partner acrobatics. This encourages self-assurance in handling infants, brings fun to home life and is good for the children’s overall development.

Babies under 12 months: 11am & 1pm every day
(A ticket gives entry for 1 adult & 1 child)
Please note the shows for babies under 12 months are now sold out.

Children ages 1-3 years: 3pm every day
(Separate tickets required for adult and child)

Please note that due to the specific content of the show, older siblings are not allowed.

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