Moxie Brawl

11 Mar 12.00pm & 3.00pm
Sold Out


Sold Out
Dance and science join with moving lab tables, fart jars, cows and test tubes in this mesmerising ball of fun.

Join Volta Flatulence, Caroline Trumpface, Sally Silent But Deadly and Daisy Parphead as they invite you into their Windibops laboratory to investigate the link between flatulence (yes, we mean farts) and global warming.

The four dancing scientists manoeuvre through a comical, fun world which combines high-quality choreography with humour, strange sounds (and smells), and a host of amusing characters.

The fresh, all-female, dance theatre company have already been described as 'wholly absorbing' and 'endearingly witty', so don't miss out on this chance to catch this colourful and interactive world of experiences!

Age Guidance: 3–7
Duration: 45m (no interval)

We are unable to admit latecomers to this performance; please allow ample time to arrive and collect your tickets.

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