What Does Stuff Do?

Robin Boon Dale

4 Oct 7.30pm

What Does Stuff Do?

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Juggler, water-bender, and part-time deep thinker Robin Boon Dale presents a TED Talk-esque performance pivoting between absurd and profound.

Using insights from his circus training and ideas borrowed from object-oriented philosophy, Robin journeys through his mind and body of research to offer new ways of thinking about the physical world.

With an array of communicative tools including performance ping pong, liquid manipulation and a motivational speech delivered by a man in swimming trunks, this eccentric renegade philosophy lecture flourishes into an astounding circus odyssey.

Age: 10+
Show duration: 55 mins

"This piece is a fine art and will keep a smile on your face from start to finish"

The Reviews Hub

"A brilliantly eloquent, charming and stylish exploration of body, object, rhythm and pace"

Bristol 24/7

"Massive fun. Whatever the stuff in this show does – it is very, very good"

Exeunt Magazine

"Not only is Dale a talented juggler, but a clever theatre-maker too"

The Circus Diaries

"Dale’s juggling skills are jaw-dropping to watch"

Always Time For Theatre

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