Tilted Circus Scratch: Digital Edition

16 Feb 30 Oct

Tilted Circus Scratch: Digital Edition

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As a result of lockdown, our regular Tilted Circus Scratch event was moved online. Enjoy clips from seven artists who would have performed live in April 2020. These short 30-second works are based on their original performances.

In happier times, Jacksons Lane regularly hosts a night called Tilted Circus Scratch. These performances showcase the best work from up-and-coming circus artists. The Thursday 23 April 2020 performance of Tilted: Circus Scratch was cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The artists decided to present their latest work anyway, submitting 30-second snippets of their pieces.

Jacksons Lane’s regular Tilted Circus Scratch showcases the circus world’s rising talents and accomplished veterans in a raw, energetic and dazzlingly fun scratch night.


Carys and Graham: TAPE THAT!

A simple roll of tape is stretched to create physical barriers and obstacles for the performers to navigate through. A playful exploration of the world we live in; in times of shifting opinions, breakdowns in communication and growing divisions in society, how do we navigate our differences with humanity and support?

David Sanchez: The Plastic Took Over

A man is in a plastic desert. Driven by juggling, physical theatre and a lot of plastic, this piece critiques an environmental issue from an ironic approach.

Tamzen Moulding: Touch

Life - in and out of balance, in contact with others, to catch us. How can our touch affect the balance of another’s path? Ensemble hand-balance.

Rosa Thorlby: Stim of the Rope

A shy creature is awash upon an ocean of noise and information. Then she finds a rope, and so begins the forging of a nest of calm; a tactile dialogue between rope and creature.

Lavrak: Green Machine

Two women balance on a fragile planet, boxing, bumping and battling with it – learning how to look after it. This frantic and friendly comment on global warming gives a positive, motivational message. Costumes and kit are second-hand or recycled.

Rebecca Rennison: Red

"Why do you want to dance? Why do you want to live? ... well I don't know exactly why... but I must." Exploring compulsion, obsession and movement with the element of a single, beautiful, high-heeled red shoe. A mix of dance, aerial and acrobatics with three performers.

Matt Burch: Lonesome Cowboy

Lonesome cowboy is a work in progress. It’s the story of a man all alone by the campfire. The cattle are sleeping, there's no one for miles, it's time to kick back, relax, open the whisky and have fun... There will be lasso, drinking, handstanding and other foolhardy pursuits.
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