Tilted Circus Scratch

Jacksons Lane

10 Jul 7.30pm
Sold Out

Tilted Circus Scratch

Sold Out
Catch the early stages of brand new shows by our favourite artists, performing a dazzling array of disciplines in the air and on the ground.

Jacksons Lane’s Tilted returns following two sell-out shows, presenting the circus world’s rising talents and accomplished veterans in a raw, energetic and dazzlingly fun scratch night, compered by Ian Marchant, gentleman juggler extraordinaire.

This Tilted Circus Scratch's theme is on the link between social and ecological, exploring how we live in and interact with our world.

Line-up (subject to change):

  • Florencia Nannetti & Astral ProjectionsPolyethylene Dreamland (performance & liquid light show)
    Polyethylene Dreamland is the spellbinding universe created by performer Florencia Nannetti and visual artists Astral Projections which brings to life a fascinating world of decadent beauty, in which dreams turn easily into nightmares. This piece opens up an opportunity to creatively reflect upon the pressing issue of plastic waste and the environment.
  • Farrell CoxAmbivalence (tippy hoop)
    Apparently having a healthy relationship with food is a conscious effort, but is it that easy?
  • Sophie Page Hall: Out of Darkness (aerial silks)
    A tale of searching... Where have I come from? Where am I going? What is the cost of a neglected nature, for ourselves and for our world? A personal exploration combining poetic storytelling and aerial work.
  • Nearly There Yet: Special Delivery (manipulation & acrobatics)
    What happens when we try to create something new out of the things we have discarded? And how can we breathe new life into forgotten things? An exercise in recycling while questioning the disposable nature of the modern world.
  • Loose End Physical TheatreSkeleton Woman (aerial & acrobatics)
    An ensemble production of the Inuit tale ‘Skeleton Women’, integrating aerial, acrobatics and spoken word. Starting with death, it is a celebration of the challenges we must face to fully be alive. A simple narrative story that can be interpreted on the literal, personal and social level, making it captivating for adults and children alike.
  • Michelle Ross: The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (dance/acrobatics/trapeze)
    April 2031. The Pacific Ocean. The sun rises over a sea of floating bottles, fishing net and chemical sludge, stretching as far as the eye can see. Starving seabirds swoop down to pluck the occasional rotting fish from the bobbing surface. This piece is set on the day the damage became irreparable. Directed by Maisy Taylor
  • Milton Lopes: Elephant Variations (aerial hoop)
    Through a character wearing only old black shorts that once were trousers and an aerial hoop, Milton explores the solitude and resilience that a disabled artist of colour experiences in a world in which role models similar to him are hard to find.

Duration: 2h (incl. interval)
Age guidance: 12+
Show info: Contains mature language and themes

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