Tilted Circus Scratch

Jacksons Lane

6 Apr 7.30pm

Tilted Circus Scratch

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Catch the early stages of brand new shows by our favourite artists, performing a dazzling array of disciplines in the air and on the ground.

Jacksons Lane’s Tilted returns following a sell-out show in Autumn 2018, presenting the circus world’s rising talents and accomplished veterans in a raw, energetic and dazzlingly fun scratch night. Kaveh Rahnama (circus artist and Artistic Director of Nearly There Yet) reprises his role as compere.

Line-up as follows:

  • Hanna Moisala & Milla Kurronen / Lumo Company: Vagabond (tightwire/circus)
    Vagabond is a pit stop of feminine vigour, following the voyage of Thelma & Louise down the roads of California. A hilarious escape story of two women, breathless and restless on the tightwire, on the glass bottles and between the air. Music riffs play and faith is taken into its own hands. Is there winning in the new beginning?
  • Michelle Ross: The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (dance/acrobatics/trapeze)
    April 2031. The Pacific Ocean. The sun rises over a sea of floating bottles, fishing net and chemical sludge, stretching as far as the eye can see. Starving seabirds swoop down to pluck the occasional rotting fish from the bobbing surface. This piece is set on the day the damage became irreparable. Directed by Maisy Taylor
  • Symoné: We Create Magic at Night (cabaret/hula hoops)
    “Don’t believe everything you think.” – unknown
    Immersing audience members in a psychdelic-esque disco, Symoné shares her personal experience with a cult into a relatable multi-sensory circus experience.
  • Aurélie & Hege: Crossroads (aerial hoop/plastic hoses)
    Combining explorative movement quality merging the harshness of a clean steel hoop and ever-tangling transparent water hoses. Aurélie and Hege are at the very start of exploring the crossing point of their disciplines and what can be found in their meeting.
  • Delia Ceruti: Jasmani (hair suspension/movement)
    Jasmani means bodily in Malay, the physical aspect of our being. This movement piece combines the ancient discipline of hair suspension with movement improvisation. It explores how social constrictions and cliches imposed to women by society have affected the artist emotionally. The exploration is done through the physical body, restricted and painfully affected by the hair hanging, a metaphor of those social conventions.
  • Angeliki & Jesús Capel / Out of Order: Once Standing (aerial straps/dance/theatre)
    The world has come to an end. Civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist. In the absence of an ever-present society, the last two people left on Earth turn to imagination and resilience to start from scratch. Reality takes on unexpected guises as humorous situations, desperate isolation and inventive past-times are shared on the (non)stage.
  • Sarah April Lamb and Alex Aina: Things I Know About You (dance/acrobatics)
    Tell secrets. Tell lies. Tell truths. Tell half truths. Weaving stories and facts to tangle up the truth as limbs thread through limbs. Things I Know About You explores how we lie, and plays with what we can convince each other and the audience of with our bodies and words.

Duration: 2h (incl. interval)
Age guidance: 12+
Show info: contains haze, strobe lighting, mature language and mature themes

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