The Tree of Objects (Work in Progress)

The Orang Collectif

9 Feb 3.00pm
Sold Out

The Tree of Objects (Work in Progress)

Sold Out
Two strangers enter a stage full of mess.

Unaware of each other’s presence, they set up home. They quickly learn of each other’s existence and embark on a series of events in the attempt to claim the space as their own. How will they negotiate their way to sharing this space?

The Tree of Objects is a music and movement adventure to discover how we can contribute to preserving our planet through recycling and prolonging the shelf life of objects. Experience the world with these two strangers as they learn that one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

This is a children’s theatre work-in-progress by The Orang Collectif.

Part of Chinese Arts Now 2020, a London-wide festival dedicated to exploring contemporary Chinese themes, perspectives and art forms.

Duration: 30 minutes
Age guidance: 7+

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