The Transgressive and Transcendent Performer (Workshop)

David Glass Ensemble Learning & Francois Testory

2 Feb 12.00pm
Sold Out

The Transgressive and Transcendent Performer (Workshop)

Sold Out
François Testory was a member of Lindsay Kemp’s company for thirty years.

Co-designed and facilitated by David Glass, François' workshop will explore the fundamental poetics and physical expressiveness at the heart of Kemp’s work, and the passionate, destroyed world he tried to embody through performance.

Beginning by placing participants deep within their emotional and imaginative body, François will lead an exploration of the dark poetics of desire, passion, transgression and transcendence that were the hallmarks of Kemp’s approach to theatre and to life.

At the end of Day 1, David Glass will interview François about his life with Lindsay Kemp. On Day 2 participants will explore characters from Kemp’s work: Divine (Flowers), Salome, and The Poet (Cruel Garden).

François Testory’s career as physical theatre performer, dancer and vocalist spans forty years. He has worked with some of Europe’s most innovative companies including DV8, Ballet Rambert, Punch Drunk, Rose English, Gecko and Lindsay Kemp, recently becoming an Associate of The David Glass Ensemble.

David Glass Ensemble Legacy Learning seeks to connect emerging artists around the world with the great European Physical and Devised Theatre traditions of the last century. At the centre of the project is the recognition of the maverick pioneers who went against the grain of conventional theatre and in so doing changed it forever.

"Lindsay Kemp was the most inspiring person I have ever met" - Francois Testory, member of the Lindsay Kemp Company

Part of the London International Mime Festival 2019.

When: Sat 2- Sun 3 Feb (Sat 12 noon–10pm, Sun 10am–2pm)
Cost: £125 (£110 conc.)

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