The Receptionists

Kallo Collective

20 Nov 21 Nov
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The Receptionists

Sold Out
Two receptionists have a pathological fear of their own customers.

This pair of fast-talkers – smooth operators, consummate professionals in the luxury hotel industry – will go to any lengths to avoid their unfortunate guests, with disastrous and delightful results.

This Finnish physical comedy takes the mundane and familiar and applies clown logic until hysterically absurd. With exceptional skills, nifty acrobatics and incredibly pained smiles, clown duo Inga Björn and Kristiina Tammisalo plumb the comedic depths of customer service.

The magnificently silly, exceptionally charismatic pair from Finnish company Kallo Collective maintain an electric chemistry throughout, delivering in a delightfully bonkers show for all ages.

Part of Jacksons Lane's Made in Finland mini-season, showcasing the best, most entertaining contemporary Finnish performance.

Age guidance: suitable for all
Duration: 55m

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