The Parachute & Watch the Ball

Stephen Mottram's Animata (UK)

16 Jan 25 Jan
Two new pieces by Britain’s Stephen Mottram fuse artistry with science and demonstrate the magic of puppetry as a story-telling medium.

The Parachute is a funny and mesmerising tale about youth, love and confronting old age. With little more than an armful of white tipped wands, master-puppeteer Stephen Mottram conjures characters from nowhere. He plays with the way our brains make sense of things we see and stealthily reels us into a world of movement and illusion, populated by ephemeral, abstract figures to whom we simply cannot help but be attracted.

Watch the Ball sends us scurrying down neural pathways old and new in a short exploration of the puppeteer’s tricks – visual ideas which suspend your disbelief.

There will be a post-show discussion on Tue 17 Jan.

The Parachute & Watch the Ball is a part of London International Mime Festival (LIMF) 2017. Now in its 40th year, LIMF promotes cutting edge visual theatre and embraces a dazzling spectrum of performance including new circus, puppetry, physical theatre and live art.

Please note that latecomers may not be admitted.

Mottram takes the craft of puppetry to a level of sophistication that makes you gasp with the cleverness of it.

The Independent on Sunday

Mottram's show demonstrates that the new puppetry is more than a match for the best live drama in its ability to tackle serious subjects with theatrical verve.

The Guardian

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