The Hidden People (Sharing)

Hikapee & Huldufugl - Transmission Sharing

30 Aug 4.00pm

The Hidden People (Sharing)

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A work-in-progress sharing of Hikapee and Huldufugl's new work.

Folklore, our belief systems and people’s impact on the natural environment are explored in this piece of circus theatre which tells the story of the Huldufólk, mischievous elf-like beings living among the Icelandic landscape, and the construction of hydroelectric dams.

Now in the project’s second stage of development, the company looks to further integrate elements of technology and movement, and explore possibilities of set. The Hidden People is a Hikapee (UK) and Huldufugl (Iceland) collaboration.

Part of Jacksons Lane's Transmission 2019, our annual talent development programme in which up to six circus companies are invited to develop work in our building. The emphasis is on experimentation and play, with no pressure to produce or finish work.

Age guidance: 12+
Duration: 30 mins

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