The Gift & Virginia Davis’s Symposium (Double Bill)

The Why Not Institute and Angela de Castro

2 May 7.30pm

The Gift & Virginia Davis’s Symposium (Double Bill)

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Souza the clown waits for his date to arrive.

The Gift by Angela de Castro
Smart, proud and optimistic, Souza waits longingly, impatiently, eagerly, waiting... and waiting... For what seems an eternity he walks a tightrope between passion and despair. Will it end in laughter? Or tears?

The Gift is a show about love and loss, generosity and loneliness – a heart-warming tale in the great tradition of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin in which music and silence merge as passion and imagination take over.

This show began as a 30-minute street show in 1990, premiered at the London International Mime Festival in 1991 and toured all over the UK. Reworked with new material almost 30 years on, this updated production is performed and directed by Angela de Castro and accompanied by the musical clown Rachel Ponsonby, with choreography by clown and commedia dell'arte expert Barry Grantham.

Virginia Davis's Symposium by Zirk Theatre
Anthropolo-musicologist Virginia Davis will enlighten the audience about the science, the art, the power and the beauty of music. Miss Davis presents a variety of strange instruments, glass breaking opera and exotic fire, for a delirious symphonic experience.

After working with the likes of Cirque Plume and Circus Ronaldo, with this show Rachel Ponsonby has created her own musical clown universe.

Duration: 1 hour 40 mins

"A crowd-stopper… kept us rooted to the spot with her wittily bizarre instruments"

Scotland Herald

"A genius clown who is like Buster Keaton, holding that beautiful balance
between complete and utter fragility and complete power"

Due South Magazine

"This is clowning at its best"

Festival Times Review

"Can make you laugh and cry in the same moment, a sign of serious talent"

Everywoman Magazine

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