The Escape Act: A Holocaust Memoir

Stav Meishar

23 Sep 24 Sep

The Escape Act: A Holocaust Memoir

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Witness the extraordinary life of a Jewish acrobat who hid from the Nazis in a German circus.

The extraordinary life of Irene Danner is staged and celebrated in this moving, electric combination of theatre, circus and puppetry.

Irene’s life between 1933 and 1945 unfurls as she witnesses the rise of the Third Reich, joins the circus undercover, falls in love and starts a family – all under the protection of the Althoff Circus. Slipping from past to present, from character to performer, The Escape Act combines Irene’s history with the lived experience of the performer, grandchild to Holocaust survivors.

As the performer travels through Irene's life, her own family history seeps through – the struggles, inherited traumas and their domino effect – and the past, looming closer and closer, forces her to embrace it.

Age guidance: 10+
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

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