The Chosen Haram

26 Mar 26 Apr

The Chosen Haram

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The Chosen Haram, a new contemporary film by Sadiq Ali is now available to watch free from this page until April 26.

One year after its debut at Jacksons Lane was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Chosen Haram, a contemporary circus film by Sadiq Ali is now available online for one month. Watch it now below.

The Chosen Haram is an artistic short film which uses circus to tell the story of two gay men and their meeting through a dating app. One is bound by the teachings of Islam while the other lives a life of excess. When these two meet, they begin to draw the best out of each other. How does it look when two men from completely different worlds collide and what happens? Can they find a pathway through their own limitations to find peace with each other?

The Chosen Haram was originally part of And What? Queer Arts Festival.

Artists – Sadiq Ali and Hauk Pattison
Video – Will Churchill
Music – Kester Hynds

Show notes

This is a free digital performance, available from this page. The video will be available above until April 26 - there is no need to click the "Book Now" button above. 


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