The Arab Quarterly

The Arab Quarter

10 Mar 7.00pm
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The Arab Quarterly

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The Arab Quarterly is London's long standing live Arabic music and dance stage show.

This stunning event brings the completely unique talents of The Arab Quarter Band to stage with musicians who have enjoyed staggering musical careers, all having played for legendary orchestras and bands over their vast experience, including that of Umm Kulthum (the most famous singer in the Arab World) in the case of Emile Bassili (violin) and Plant/Page of Led Zeppelin fame in the case of Hassan Mostafa (vocal and tabla); whilst Elgamal Elkordy has graced numerous famous Egyptian orchestras, including that of the legendary dancer Souheir Zaki and George Dergham to this day is still called upon throughout the Arab world for his exceptional musicianship. Joining them tonight will be the international dance star Tamil Bar Gil, the UK’s own vibrant talent of standing Barbara Olyus, and Melanie Norman, co-founder of The Arab Quarter.

Also sharing stage with The Arab Quarter Band are carefully selected professional oriental dancers and highly gifted dance enthusiasts who bring unique dance voices and passions to our event, always beautifully costumed and providing a colourful and vibrant display of artistic merit. Our dancers are drawn from all over the UK and are passionate about dancing to the special live music of The Arab Quarter Band and that exceptional musical and dance chemistry that comes out of a natural well of joy and intense commitment together. There will be a number of entertaining group dances staged by Barbara Olyus (Assistant at The Arab Quarter), Frederique Assor Liscia (who is hosting Tamar Bar Gil in the UK) and The Arab Quarter Belly Dance School.

During the show there are two opportunities for the audience to join The Arab Quarter Band on stage during a short "audience boogie" section. This interactive and fun element is enormously popular with both cast and audience.

There will also be a splendid oriental market stall, Zara's Zouk, who bring a generous selection of dance garments and sparkling coin belts - ideal for a gift or to augment a dancer's wardrobe.

Come and enjoy the fun and vitality at this exceptional event. The Arab Quarter Band look forward to welcoming you to a great night out.

Duration: 2h 55m (incl. 25m interval)

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